Route 14
The history

Our classic Leyland Titan PD2, was originally commissioned in to service in 1966 where it served as the number 14 bus in Eastbourne until 1981. At this point it was withdrawn and handed over to the Eastbourne preservation group. In 2003, the old route 14 bus was painted in red and sold to a company in Belgium where it would stay until 2007.

Returning to the UK and refurbished as a promotional vehicle on behalf of Adidas and Footlocker. The exterior was painted by graffiti artists as part of promomtional campaign. It was later later sold to the London Bus Export Co. in 2009 to be repainted and used as a merchandise bus by Saracens rugby team until today. With great pride and passion, we purchased and converted her in to a fully functional bar for all to admire and enjoy. Route 14 retains its history through its heritage, and truly is a spectacular bus bar providing a unique experience.

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